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The FX Guys is the nation's largest direct wholesaler of value-priced event merchandise and equipment solutions. The company has been recognized as the top in its class for customer satisfaction.

We began working in the event industry in 2013 - bringing to life some of the largest and most popular events in the world. With millions of event attendees, we have defined and refined the most sought after products in the industry.

We have established direct relationships with manufacturers all around the world - allowing us to bring products to your events at the lowest prices possible!

Build your brand with us

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your line of promotional items?
With over 20 years experience and marketing expertise The FX Guys is the ideal event partner you need and deserve.


Not only do we partner with manufacturers from the East to the West - we also supply events worldwide.


We are never satisfied - we work day and night to produce and bring the best products to your events.


When The FX Guys is handling all of your event product needs - you can relax just a bit more than you are used to.


Some of the worlds largest and most popular events put their trust in The FX Guys. With love like this - what else can we ask for?


We have a warehouse full of items! No longer do you have to wait (90) days to get your products from overseas.


This is where The FX Guys shine! Let us put the magic back into your event.

  • You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club

  • ~ Jack London


We are your One-Stop-Shop for all of your event needs. Whether you need one or many lines of merchandise, full packets or individual pieces, or just plain magical effects for your event - we have what you are looking for!

Event Merchandise

Everything You Need

If you can sell it - we can supply it! Promotional socks, headbands, wristbands, shirts, tutus, everything LED, and MORE!

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Event Packets

Shirts, Bibs, and MORE

Event packets - printed shirts, bibs, safety pins, and EXTRAS. Polybagged or individually shipped to location.

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Event FX

Best of the Best

Color, foam, powder, bubbles and snow! We have the FX you need to create the best events possible.

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When you work with The FX Guys, you have an entire team behind you! Everything you need without the hassle and stress of sourcing products overseas and coordinating orders and deliveries. Sit back and relax while we go to work for you!

Build your brand! Let The FX Guys be the resource for building your brand with passion, creativity, and innovative products!

Parnering with The FX Guys means you now have direct access to over (12) countries around the globe and hundreds of products at manufacturers prices. Whether you need LED Items, Glow Items, or General Merchandise - we have the products you are looking for. Our team is constantly working on sourcing and bringing new products from around the globe to your doorstep.

LED Items

Gloves, Shutter Shades, Foam Batons, Dreadlocks, Wristbands, Jelly Rings, and MORE!

Glow Items

UV Paintsticks, UV Lipstick, Bunny Ears, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, and MORE!

General Items

Wristbands, Headbands, Tutu's, Waterproof Cell Phone Cases, Hats, Socks, Bandanas, and MORE!

Event Packets are the cornerstone of most endurance courses - whether they are 5k, 10k, Marathons, or Obstacle Races.

We put together your event packets how you want them. Printed shirt, race bib, safety pin kit, and anything else you would like! However, some events prefer to use the printed shirts with nothing else. Or, some use just the race bib and safety pin kit. You are in control - just let us know how you like it!

Event Packets

Shirts, Bibs, Safety Pins, Tattoos, Headbands, and MORE! All inserted into a polybag and shipped to your event location. On time - EVERY TIME!

Great events have great FX! Put the WOW back into your event with some simple FX that people love.

Whether you are looking for a great color throw, or unlocking that inner child with BUBBLES - you have come to the right place! We formulate and distribute some of the best FX in the event industry. Everything we make is biodegradeable and hypoallergenic! Guaranteed to bring life to your event.

  • Foam+ Concentrate
  • Body Slime Paint
  • Neon BUBBLES
  • SNOW

FOAM+ Concentrate

Who doesn't like BUBBLES? Foam and Bubbles are the cornerstone of many events. Use our Foam+ Concentrate in our Foam Dumpers, or our Foam Jet Cannons!

Body Slime Paint

Our Body Slime Paint is made from everyday ingredients - and, is sure to set your event apart. Use it in handheld super soakers, or our engineered Paint Blasters!

Some of the world's most respected events trust The FX Guys

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